Delicate Flowers…

Here in Gotham, we’ve had our first real snow day… complete with people tiptoeing around the city on sidewalks made of eggshells. As I was padding home from the library yesterday, I could hear piano notes floating from a modest brownstone on 81st, carried out over wafting snowflakes… the only sound in the street, the sound of someone practicing her or his art. And it reminded me of why I’m also here.

I’ve been going through a grim patch lately… a romantic, political and societal malaise. Clearly, I need some Gemma Correll… and to read Roxane Gay’s new book… Difficult Women


Yes, I’m still taking the election personally… With the threatened repeal of Obamacare and nothing to replace it? So many people I know rely on it. And just the very idea that America would choose a sexist, racist, bigoted, lying, non-tax paying, nuclear Cheeto over a competent, experienced woman… it still smarts. Do they not like us that much? I want to see difficult women win. Lord knows, I am one. Doesn’t take a Gallup poll to figure that one out. My issues have issues. Epilepsy, anxiety, a fear of juice. A mugger once tried to take my purse and I argued that it didn’t go with his outfit. I wanted us to win for once. I wanted to keep that damn purse.

When my daughters and I were younger, and we were sad post-le-divorce, we’d play OGT in the car… One Good Thing… Roxane’s book is today’s. We have to stay Difficult Women. Stay rad and resist.

xoxo – gg

Happy Independence! Guess who met the mayor???

What a crazy 10 days! The city’s practically a Fellini movie!

  • Marriage equality… yesssss!
  • Obamacare upheld… Hooray! Prostate checks and pap smears for everyone!!!
  • Bree Newsome IS awesome–and yes, I DID help bail her out of jail. But why did they make a brother put the flag back up 5 minutes later??? Come on people… Really???
  • The GOP beauty pageant is turning out to be better (and more absurd) than Toddlers and Tiaras!
  • I even met the mayor! Yep! He is SO my dad, I practically expected him to ground me right then and there! (or at least send me to my room/apartment!)

Lately, I feel like I have more issues than Vanity Fair, but last week, someone I completely admire won a bigass prize for his short film about his dog… and it reminded me to just… shut it, girl.

Yes, sad, but crazy joyful.

I also found out I have to go back in for another surgery, which just seems not possible and like I will surely die–given how much they’ve already done to try to fix my overly electrical brain, but every time I get sad, I just look at this pic of a new family arrival and I’m better…


(I mean… I suppose if I were a little guy next to those fabulous boobies all the time, I’d be super happy too! What’s not to love?) Welcome Matteo James!

And happy indie day!

xoxo – gg