Dear God, Please Spare Mar-a-Lago…

Please have Irma, Jose or Katia (praise DACA) AVOID exactly these coordinates (whatever they may be) and SKIP harming anything (like a sand trap or a certain Cheeto-hued ladies’ golf enthusiast) therein…

Seriously, all thoughts to people in the middle of climate chaos. Oy vey… Be safe.

Hello, Lovelies!

Lordy, what a frightful week and it’s only Wednesday! Since God usually does the OPPOSITE of what I want, I thought I’d offer up a Rosary to the forces of the universe. I am swamped with the widows and orphans of my latest mess, but thought I would still forward something hilarious before people on the East coast fall prey to day drinking:


To my dear editor, I promise not to argue anymore about the title. I was just trying to keep the book from sounding like a Lifetime movie of the week and getting shelved in the medical oddities section of the store. I take your point and I consider myself lucky!

I’ll send up a smoke signal when I’m circling the runway.

For now… XOXO – GG


PS – And to all you festive Wiccans out there… I think the candles and whatnot might be working 🙂

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