Meditations for Introverts Whose Families Showed Up for the Holidays

Ho-ho-ho… Okay, here’s the secret plan… Number 1. Start with a Six Sigma Wheel of Domination.. (yes, the one your cray-corporate boss tried to explain to you, but you couldn’t pay attention to him for so long, so you just made your usual hedgehog face and nodded like it made total sense?) Well now, it does!



Step 2. In your mind… while your spinster aunties are over-basting the bird and tying all the glass ball ornaments into pairs so that they look like testicles… order this very special:


3. Contemplate why you don’t have this kid’s parents:


Yeah, he takes my insurance 🙂 And then…


(pic via 2 fab dudes in Chelsea)

Happy Holidays Lovelies… xoxo – gg

One comment

  1. 1reward · December 26, 2016

    Lol…Merry Christmas


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