How Love Should Be…

Snarky little secrets, whispered behind musty, inky pages that transport you both. New York is a good city for this kind of love. Makes me want to live here always… (crap res photo… I know… sorrs)

Need to live here

Before the frosted jaws of winter clamp down on us all … I had to look around the city today… When you know you’re losing something you love for a good long while (or maybe forever) you just want to memorize every line, every leaf, every perfect imperfection…

Whether in the park…


or on the subway… before it’s all covered in snow…


Here’s to a winter hiding together, naked, behind good words… xoxo – gg

P.S. I have been reading Fate and Furies… Lauren Groff’s prose is like a fast sailing craft whose heavy keel slices razor-like through the water of your mind’s eye… you see every frame…

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