This week… oof…

Also, what those oh-so-harried CNBC moderators must have been thinking…

And almost Halloween! My fave holiday (except that I pretty much love all holidays… let’s celebrate arbor day!!!) I’ve been in total crisis… I lost several key pieces of my usual leather cat costume… owing to a romantic mishap last year… the little jingle collar was truly the best. Alas 😦 I looked everywhere for it.


Now, all I have left is a sad crayon outfit and a Louis CK wig… like this one Lena Dunham’s wearing… She really nailed it though, didn’t she?


But I just can’t be Louis CK this year… even if I DO feel like him right now. Cranky… though not quite as bloated…

The best Halloween get ups are immediately graspable, topically funny, without being too obscure or trying too hard… but you know there are going to be scads of sexy pizza rats taking over the city this year… so, I’ve decided to be a Freudian Slip… I’m simply going to wear a nightie with a bunch of psych terms pinned to it, like… “hysteria”, “narcissism” and “Oedipus Complex.” For a time there, I was thinking of going super meta–given the accident–and going as a Picasso or Ava from AI, but it all felt too high concept…


Next year… when I’m feeling more bionic and badass… Happy Halloween G-Spots 🙂 May your night be welling over with trick and treats… of all the sweetest kind.

xoxo – gg

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