ShuckFest… (will be amazing), Tiaras + a sad P.S. … Chantal Akerman taught us about the rich quiet of our inner lives…

I’ve missed so many news cycles… I have no idea when I’ll catch up… But for those of you who are local… this will be an amazing event… coming up October 24th…



Favorite things from Fashion Week everywhere… YSL’s  tiaras… everyone (even dudes) should have one–for those down days like today. (My mug SO hurts… i feel like a wounded raccoon)



And so sad… Chantal Akerman.


je, tu, il, elle

She was our underdog… and rooting for the underdog comes with its own extraordinary pleasures. A lopsided competition also makes for a compelling story, but Chantal’s is one that ended too soon. When she made Jeanne Dielman, Chantal was younger than Orson Welles was when he made “Citizen Kane,” and younger than Godard was when he made “Breathless.”

Pristinely composed, meticulously studied, balletic images of a woman’s day, Jeanne Dielman is as critical to generations of young filmmakers as Welles’s and Godard’s first films are. Akerman showed Jeanne preparing chicken in her kitchen… for example… these images show that the domestic lives of women are still the stuff of art; that women’s private lives are as influenced and renegotiated by the forces of history as are lives lived on the public stage of politics; and that the pressures of women’s unchallenged and unrelieved confinement within the domestic sphere and in family roles is a societal conundrum that can lead to ruin, a quiet form of violence that results in only more violence. A ground breaking woman… we’ll miss her so. xoxo -gg

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