Trump… you gassy anus of a starfish!

You’re like comedy meth… but we have to get you off TV before America gets too much more strung out… and loses all of its teeth… i.e., makes really bad choices, has drunken blackout sex with the wrong boy (you), etc.

But once again, last night… during the Ramos ejection (ejaculation)… we might as well have all been in that episode of Black Mirror, “White Bear.” You know… the one with all the people staggering, zombie-like, leering from behind their smartphones as the pathetic, hysterically bedraggled woman attempts to flee certain death by the guys in clown masks…

In this case… the bedraggled woman (expertly played by Lenora Crichlow) is democracy and our haggard electoral process. The guy in the clown mask (the gassy anus clown mask/hood) is Trump…

Indeed… to take it step further… a scarier, more apt, analog would be to compare this surreal media moment with that first, inaugural episode of Black Mirror… the one in which the hapless UK Prime Minister is blackmailed into screwing a pig on live TV in order to obtain the release of a young woman, a captive royal…

Somehow, in this scenario, it feels like Trump is both the blackmailer and the pig (wonder why). The American political process is the befuddled PM and we watch… glassy eyed… as it pops the viagra and makes ready…

I feel like we need to make like Cher in Moonstruck and slap our Nicholas Cage selves out of it… and stop covering this pig/clown/anus/meth head…

But then you’ve got the media echo chamber of today’s terrible incidents in Virginia. There’s such crazy power in driving other people to bear witness… You will watch… and you will retweet! Because we’re all driven out, for whatever reason, into the world… to bear witness. It’s the nature of consciousness. Perhaps, the art of it all though is in how we manage or exercise our own agency over that seeing, that privileging of vision… And maybe it’s less about a boycott of Trump and more like a collective media yawn at his contrived antics… I don’t know, but I’m sleepy.

xoxo – gg

*credit for anus of a starfish is due to Jonathan Ames and his troupe over at BTD… amazing writers.

One comment

  1. Jac · August 26, 2015

    More Bernie less Starfish


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