Happy Independence! Guess who met the mayor???

What a crazy 10 days! The city’s practically a Fellini movie!

  • Marriage equality… yesssss!
  • Obamacare upheld… Hooray! Prostate checks and pap smears for everyone!!!
  • Bree Newsome IS awesome–and yes, I DID help bail her out of jail. But why did they make a brother put the flag back up 5 minutes later??? Come on people… Really???
  • The GOP beauty pageant is turning out to be better (and more absurd) than Toddlers and Tiaras!
  • I even met the mayor! Yep! He is SO my dad, I practically expected him to ground me right then and there! (or at least send me to my room/apartment!)

Lately, I feel like I have more issues than Vanity Fair, but last week, someone I completely admire won a bigass prize for his short film about his dog… and it reminded me to just… shut it, girl.

Yes, sad, but crazy joyful.

I also found out I have to go back in for another surgery, which just seems not possible and like I will surely die–given how much they’ve already done to try to fix my overly electrical brain, but every time I get sad, I just look at this pic of a new family arrival and I’m better…


(I mean… I suppose if I were a little guy next to those fabulous boobies all the time, I’d be super happy too! What’s not to love?) Welcome Matteo James!

And happy indie day!

xoxo – gg

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