French Scooby goes to yoga… then… Puerto Rican Day!

I still can’t talk.


It almost keeps me from doing things… like yoga. You know… how at the beginning of every class the teacher asks, “Does anyone have an injury I should know about?” and I’m there…in the back… sort of raising my hand… “Err… Ah bwoke ma fesse?” which is followed by … “You broke your what?!” Then… an alarmed pause… “Should you even be here?!” Cue everyone turning to stare… and suddenly the teacher is at my mat… all man-splaining things… Yes, I still sound like French Scooby-Doo (below), so today, upon the suggestion of a dear friend, I decided  to make a little card like the above …and I went to yoga.

Part of my speech therapy to sound less like French Scooby… is to walk around the house, making farting noises (with my mouth). Charming. Thankfully… only one more surgery(!)… a quickie this Wednesday to take out all the pins holding my face together.  Genial!!  But between now and then, gg will be covering Puerto Rican Day

If you decide to stay in, you could always honor the day by eating empanadas and watching Westside Story???? I SO want to grow up and be like Rita Moreno. Ah… if only race relations could involve more finger snapping and show tunes 🙂

xoxo – gg

ps… I know I promised useful links… I’m working on the list–it just keeps growing! (like that awful movie at Cannes… my god, there is so much to do here…)

One comment

  1. kristathomasscott · June 13, 2015

    Yoga????? Ok just after the pin removal (I know I had a pin but I forgot it) You are ready for the Massage Envy experience.
    PS. The latest photo reminds me of you.
    Love Jac

    ps look at the new website Krista made for me


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