Wanted: New York Yoda

Ok, this is a question fraught with peril: What do you do when the wisest person you know is you?

Now, I want to qualify this with several exclusions:

-You can’t be related to me.

-You have to have a deep-to-moderate level knowledge of Manhattan real estate. (I know everyone says that Manhattan real estate is like check-in at an Italian airport, so I need someone who can navigate that kind of scenario)

-You need to be someone to whom I might willingly admit my deepest failings (again, who is not related to me)

-You need to be someone who is highly skilled in the dark arts of dissembling, should that be a requirement–as I will need a tutorial.

-You must be intuitive and able to make the right decisions in the moment, on the the fly, with really solid plan “B”s.

-You cannot be my beloved dry cleaner who, while being the wisest person I know within a 5 mile radius, was arrested (along with his Pops) on a felony charge for protecting his mother. (He was in his 20’s so it kind of doesn’t count here)

Job starts immediately. This not a hired gun position. Barking spider voice of Yoda not required, but a plus. All applicants, please apply with subject heading: Yoda Gig.

I’m serial (as our beloved nanny Teodora would say… when she actually means “serious”)


ps – I said I was gonna love NYC anyway, right?

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