The Wrath of Yom…

Oof… the stuff I’ve had to do this week would give Machiavelli a boner.

I’m not sure of this whole philosophy, “The ends justifies the meanness.” Some in NYC might just call it “winning”, but there seem to be fewer and fewer of these types out there–except on Wall Street. They remain big gulp douches. It’s their sworn oath. In Gordon Gekko they trust.


Well, today is their last chance. Today is the last day of “I’m sorry” week. Technically, Yom Kippur is over tonight. Everyone has bagels and heaves a big sigh of relief between ravenous bites of doughy, loxy goodness.

The last of the apologies get pretty bi-polar. I was running in the park just now. I live right where those twin towers are (some would argue in squalor, but I like it)


And so, I’m running along and I hear someone shouting, really angry, “This is bullshit!” and I look over my shoulder and there’s this guy… He’s in his mid-forties, kind of barrel chested and he’s running behind a group of panting 15 year old boys. They are shirtless and measly. And so the guy, who I assume is their coach, keeps screaming, “Come on you little ass wipes!! Hurry the fuck up!!” And right as he’s saying this, we’re passing a playground full of moms, nannies and tots.

The nannies don’t even flinch. Old hat to them. The mothers gasp and rush to cover their tots’ virgin ears. The tots are like, “whoa, hey… I have ears?” All at once, the coach slows, turns to the mostly gaping crowd of women, and says in a lower, much more responsible voice, “I’m so sorry. I am so sorry. Really, I am sorry…” and then continues on his way after the boys, screaming , “Come on you people!! Hurry up you little… f_er’s…”

The wrath on Yom rears its final head. Somebody give that man a bagel.

xoxo -gg

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