The Devil Wears Wang

Where’s my stinky overly worn sweater jacket? Camille, did you take it?

Last night it was 50 degrees and the radiators in our building didn’t get the memo. I had to heat my bedroom with a blow dryer.

Gone are the swampy days of shapeless maxi dresses and ripped up boyfriend jeans–they were everywhere this summer (a week ago). Everyone looked so low rent. Even me… it was like a bad dream…somebody get me a grenade launcher, stat. I’m going to aim it at my closet.

But now, quilted jacket season is upon us. Time for a field trip to Burberry. Speaking of which, plaid is suddenly the new normal here. And not the tiny print plaid, but the BIG ASS print plaid. I’m serious. You practically have to be a paperclip to wear the pants… boo. And soon, horrendous seasonally-appropriate footwear will be ubiquitous. So… to celebrate/mourn the changing of the meteorological guard, here’s a video fresh from fashion week… Alexander Wang’s show…

I tried to do my best Anna Wintour imitation while there, but I’ll never have that doo.


I keep trying to figure it out… was she just born with that helmet? Does she flat iron it every morning? Seems awfully DIY for a person of her status. I’m guessing… it’s a standing army of blowout dudes who follow her every move and weather condition.

The world may never know.

xoxo -gg


  1. Serena · September 19, 2014

    God… is that what we have to look forward to next season? Not pretty.

    Now I feel depressed. I keep scrolling up to see if the clothes are getting better.

    Oh…, and Anna’s hair.
    It’s a wig.


    • alisajones2014 · September 19, 2014

      Not so about Anna!! According to Cha Cha…

      “No, Anna Wintour does not wear a wig. One of her perks for working with Conde Nast Publications is having her hair done professionally every morning–after her daily tennis match. I believe she also has retouches throughout the day if there is an important event.”

      Lucky dog…

      I too am lamenting the plaid…oof… we’ll have to stick to sexy librarian skirts. Those still work…


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